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1. Why should I incorporate in Delaware?
2. How do I start accepting Credit Cards online?
3. Should I incorporate Offshore?
4. What type of Domain Name is right for my company?

1. Why should I incorporate in Delaware?

A. Delaware requires less information about the founders of a corporation than other states and the added privacy may be important to you. Delaware (more than 50% of the Fortune 500 are incorporated in Delaware) is attractive for other reasons as well. Delaware has an extremely well established body of law, does not seek to tax income earned in other jurisdictions, has an excellent, informed business court in its Court of Chancery and is very pro-business. For all these reasons, Delaware corporations are a known commodity in business circles (particularly banking) and are always well received .

Remember though that if you are doing business in another state, you will probably need to register there.


2. How do I start accepting Credit Cards online?

A. The first step in taking credit cards online is to open a merchant account. This account will serve as the link between your firm and your banking institution. Most Merchant Account Providers offer gateways that allow your web site to send credit card information to your merchant account, which can then process your order.


3. Should I incorporate offshore?

If you are a citizen of a country that does not tax income earned outside of its borders, an offshore company can be most advantageous - your money can grow tax-free (and therefore a lot faster!) until it is repatriated. Some countries have tax systems like the US - "global" taxation where all income is taxed regardless of where it is earned. If this is the case, you must declare any income earned when you file your return so there are few tax advantages.

4. What type of Domain Name is right for my company?

That really depends on what your company is all about. Generally dot COMs are most desirable, although dot BIZ extensions are equally important, especially for companies that missed the dot com explosion. If your company is a Non-Profit entity, dot ORGs are desirable.You can register any of these extensions, and many more through our service.






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