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A cogent  Business Plan is the key to any new business.  One of the most common reasons for business failure is the lack of adequate capitalization.  Another common reason is the failure to anticipate obstacles, processes and cash flow.  One of the best investments you can make is that of time - before you open your doors.   Spend the time on building a Business Plan!

This plan serves two main purposes.  First, if you are seeking any type of financing, either from a bank, private investor or from a Venture Capitalist, a Business Plan helps to demonstrate the

More Information:
View A Model Plan
Visit New VentureZ

owners' ability to plan, organize and manage a successful business venture.  Second, your Business Plan is a blueprint for your business.  It allows you to design and construct a strategy for creating your business venture serving as a guide to set up and run your company up correctly from the start.

New VentureZ Business Solutions is a Management Consulting firm that specializes in preparing Business and Strategic Plans for emerging and expanding companies from concept through development to expansion and raising Venture Capital.    They have developed an excellent model to follow to help you to develop your own plan.  See their Model Business Plan and make sure you can answer all of the questions they raise.  Another alternative is to purchase one of the many Business Planning software packages available at any software outlet.

Flying Blind
Do you know what your monthly costs are?
What are your sources of revenue?
How are you managing your receivables?
How long can you hold out before you make a profit?

Your Company is in Trouble

Sales are slower than expected.
Your costs are too high.
You are running out of cash.
You lost a big client.

You Are Doing Great
You need a business plan to help you sustain your past success.
Still must plan for the future.

You Are Geared for Growth
Do you want to increase your market share?
Are you ready to start selling, regionally, nationally or internationally?
Will you be introducing a new product or service?
Do you want to buy a new piece of equipment or a new facility?

You Are Signing on New Partners

There is a new infusion of equity into the business
There are new allocations of profit to be distributed.





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